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Frequently Asked Questions

How big of a dumpster do I need?


So many factors can be used to help determine a box size. At Uganski's we like to start with the kind of project you're working on.
a. Roofing
3 bundles = 1 square, 8 squares = 1 ton [assuming a single layer]
10 yard: 1600-2400 sq ft = 16-24 squares = 48-72 bundles
20 yard: 2000-2800 sq ft = 20-28 squares = 68-74 bundles
30 yard: 2800-4000 sq ft = 28-40 squares = 84-120 bundles
40 yard: 4800-6400 sq ft = 48-64 squares = 144-192 bundles

b. Carpet [and pad]
10 yard: 2500-3500 sq ft
20 yard: 3000-4200 sq ft
30 yard: 4200-6000 sq ft
40 yard: 7200-9600 sq ft

c. Drywall [1/2" - 5/8" thick]
10 yard: 1600-2250 sq ft
20 yard: 3000-4200 sq ft
30 yard: 4200-6000 sq ft
40 yard: 7200-9600 sq ft

d. Household items [furniture or bins of trash]
10 yard: 5 pieces [1 couch, 2 chairs a table and a storage box]
20 yard: 10 pieces
30 yard: 16 pieces
40 yard: 22 pieces

e. Concrete
We have 10 and 15 yard specialty tubs designed for broken concrete. These boxes are reinforced to withstand being filled with concrete and keep our trucks running within DOT specifications.
15 yard: 200-275 sq ft of 4" thick OR 80-110 sq ft of 10" thick

f. Stumps
If you have cleared a construction site of trees and have pulled stumps or have stumps with root structure intact, we recommend a 30-40 yard container. And please remember, all refuse must be below the top edge of the bin for us to safely transport under DOT regulation. 

g. Small remodel jobs

10-15 yard: bathroom - most of the debris will fit into a small dumpster if you take the time to breakdown all of the materials

15-20 yard: kitchen - sizing will be determined by the scope of your job. A 15 yard should work for just cabinets and countertops. A bigger bin can be used if you're also tearing out flooring, ceilings, walls, etc.


We will happily review your project and factors to determine size with you over the phone. We are here to help your job go as smoothly as possible!


 What should NOT go in a dumpster?

Please refrain from putting these items in your dumpster:

Wet paint
Motor oil
Medical waste
Appliances with Freon

We will accept the following items at an additional charge:



Even better, here are items we will pay you for! Just ask us how.

Car batteries
Appliances without Freon


 I have a very large project, how can Uganski's help?

 We are happy to set multiple dumpsters at your site. We are capable of utilizing multiple trucks to set more than one tub at once. As soon as you're ready, call us to swap out the tubs. Uganski's can often swap tubs the same day you request

 What is the difference between yards and tons?

 Yards and tons are volume and weight. A cubic yard of sand is about 2600-3000 pounds


How fast can I get a dumpster?


A Dumpster can be delivered, swapped or picked up within 48 hours after you call. Ideally, we prefer 3 days after you make your reservation.


What if my asphalt, stumps / yard waste or concrete is too heavy?


At Uganski's we know these certain jobs often cause the dumpster to go 'over weight'. We have sourced multiple dump sites and created special pricing to ensure your best possible price. Please let our customer service team know what you're filling and we'll create a personalized waste removal plan for you.


 Do I need to be there for placement, swap outs or pickup?


Ideally, yes! We would prefer specific placement direction from you. If it is not convenient, we ask you to mark the site with flags or boards and we will accommodate as best we can. Remember, we need room to place and pickup the tubs and you need room to utilize the large doors on the tubs for easy filling.


What if my project took longer than expected?


Don't worry! Uganski's will always call before picking up a dumpster or to swap out a tub. Ask our customer service team what the anticipated rate is for the extension on your rental.


 Where is the best spot to place the dumpster?


The best answer is a personal preference. There is potential to damage any surface the dumpster is placed on. It could dent or scratch asphalt, especially when the weather is warmer. It could scratch or crack concrete when the tub is full and the concrete is thin. It could tear up or compress sod during placement, use and removal. Uganski Roll-Off is not responsible for damage to any private pavement or accompanying subsurface to lawn, concrete, asphalt or any route reasonably necessary to perform the contracted services.


 My driveway is steep, is that still OK to place a tub on?


Yes, our driver will assess your chosen placement site in person. Our tubs do have small rollers, but most of the tub rests on the flat steel rails, resulting in enough friction to remain stationary.